Jack Bravo, Ph. D.

Jack is a postdoctoral researcher in the Taylor group. His background is in structural biophysics of viral RNA chaperone proteins. Since joining the group in Austin, he has worked on CRISPR-Cas systems, and other nucleoprotein complexes including the innate immune system DISARM, SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and ribosome assembly. His primary research interests revolve around exploring the intricacies of protein-nucleic acid interactions that underpin bacterial immunity, looking at blobs in vitreous ice, and making pretty figures in ChimeraX (especially with soft lighting), although few things are quite as enthralling as a properly run EMSA. Jack also enjoys cycling, playing live music and cultivating begonias. Here’s Jack’s CV

Selected publications:

RNA targeting unleashes indiscriminate nuclease activity of CRISPR–Cas12a2, Nature, 2023

Structural basis for broad anti-phage immunity by DISARM, Nature Communications, 2022

Structural basis for mismatch surveillance by CRISPR-Cas9, Nature, 2022

Structural basis of rotavirus RNA chaperone displacement and RNA annealing, PNAS, 2021

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