Structural snapshots of R-loop formation by a type I-C CRISPR Cascade

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Molecular Cell

RNA targeting unleashes indiscriminate
nuclease activity of CRISPR–Cas12a2

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Structural basis for broad anti-phage immunity by DISARM

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Pubmed Nature Comms

Structural rearrangements allow nucleic acid discrimination by type I-D Cascade

Schwartz, E.A., McBride, T.M., Bravo, J.P.K. et al. Structural rearrangements allow nucleic acid discrimination by type I-D Cascade. Nat Commun 13, 2829 (2022).

PubMed Nature Comms

Structural basis for mismatch surveillance by CRISPR–Cas9

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PubMed Nature

Remdesivir is a delayed translocation inhibitor of SARS CoV-2 replication

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SCOPE enables type III CRISPR-Cas diagnostics using flexible targeting and stringent CARF ribonuclease activation

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Isolation of the Buchnera aphidicola flagellum basal body complexes from the Buchnera membrane

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Improving integrative 3D modeling into low- to medium-resolution electron microscopy structures with evolutionary couplings

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Structure of a type IV CRISPR-Cas ribonucleoprotein complex

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Structural Biology in the Multi-Omics Era

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